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PT Bejo Penghibur Bangsa

  LOKASI :  Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat

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PT Bejo Penghibur Bangsa
Gedung Duta Bangsa 2nd Floor Kemang Selatan
We are a professional production house company, established ini 1999 and ever since we have brings so many talented artis to public entertainment business We have dedicated people using their best resources to promote telented artist to their best position in the entertainmnet industri. Not only because we have the resources but also have the will to bring the public what they want to see and hear Our specialities are artist management, production house, event organized and entertainment consultant As a professional, we understand your need for publishing certain occasion such as product launching, artis promo, television ad, TV Show and many more, these has bring us to the front to provide the best quality and satification